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Southern Gentleman

About Southern Gentleman

A true Gentleman is an iconic role in Southern culture, often bringing together a dichotomy of refined sophistication along with certain raffish qualities. This beer is our attempt to join those elements into a brew that will bring your taste buds back to a simpler time. Southern Gentleman is Lazy Magnoliaʼs award winning Southern Pecan aged in oak bourbon barrels and cold filtered. The pecan, bourbon, and oak flavors come together to create a truly unique beer. Enjoy on occasion.

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  • Debutante Series
  • 12oz Bottles
  • 1/6 Barrel Keg
  • 1/2 Barrel Keg
Availability January
Original Gravity 16.2
Final Gravity 4
Bittering Units 20
Lovibond Scale 12
Alcohol by Volume 7%
Grains 2Row Pale Malt, Maris Otter, Aromatic, Wheat, 40L, 80L, Carapilis
Hops Nugget and Willamette
Flavor Profile Bourbon, Vanilla, and Oak with a Nutty Caramel Aroma
Ideal Serving Temperature 55°F
Ideal Carbonation Level 2.5