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Reb Ale

About Reb Ale

Reb Ale is an easy going Pale Ale. We start with a light golden ale and add just enough hops to balance the malty sweetness provided by the Crystal malt. Light on alcohol and bitterness, this Pale Ale brings out the best flavors in spicy foods and cleanses your palate for the next bite. Rather than stealing the show like big IPAs, Reb Ale is designed to play nice with other flavors to create a balanced flavor profile with almost any dish.

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  • Welcome to the Porch Series
  • 12oz Bottles
  • 1/6 Barrel Keg
  • 1/2 Barrel Keg
Availability August
Original Gravity 1.050
Final Gravity 1.01
Bittering Units 30
Lovibond Scale 8
Alcohol by Volume 5.4%
Grains Pilsner, Wheat, Caramel
Hops Citra and Nugget
Flavor Profile Crisp Maltiness with Hoppy Finish
Ideal Serving Temperature 38°F
Ideal Carbonation Level 2.7