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Southern Pecan

Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale is the first beer in the world, to our knowledge, made with whole roasted pecans. The pecans are used just like grain and provide a nutty characteristic and a delightful depth to the flavor profile. This beer is very lightly hopped to allow the malty, caramel, and nutty flavors shine through. The color is dark mahogany. Southern Pecan won a Bronze Medal in the 2006 World Beer Cup in the Specialty Beer category.

The Story

Mark is the crazy, creative force behind Lazy Magnolia. He comes up with ideas that often seem to have no chance of succeeding. One of those ideas was to make a beer with pecans. Many attempts at nut-beers have resulted in failure due to the high oil content. Mark was determined, so Leslie designed the recipe to work around the problem of nut oil. Even so, she had very little faith in the creation until they poured the first perfect pint. Southern Pecan has been a big hit ever since.

Original Gravity 13.5
Final Gravity 5.2
Bittering Units 19
Lovibond Scale 15
Alcohol by Volume 4.39%
Grains Maris Otter, caramel malt, wheat, roasted pecans
Hops Domestic nugget and willamette
Flavor Profile Sweet with a soft maltiness, lots of caramel flavors
Aroma Nutty and caramel
Ideal Serving Temperature 50 degrees F
Ideal Carbonation Level 2.5 Volumes

Southern Gold

Southern Gold is Lazy Magnolia's Golden Honey Ale. Brewed with locally produced honey, this light-bodied brew was designed specifically for the City of Hattiesburg, MS., the home of the University of Southern Mississippi. This refreshing beer is noted by its smooth character and gentle, sweet honey finish.

The Story

Southern Gold was the creation of Lazy Magnolia Brewster Leslie Henderson. In keeping with Lazy Magnolia's effort to craft beer suited for the Southern Palate, Southern Gold utilizes locally grown honey from nearby Ellisville, MS., which is provided by Mark Henderson's own bee-keeping Uncle Milton.

Leslie felt the lighter profile of the Southern Gold was well suited for the warm climate of Southern Mississippi, and the recipe has been a big success since its release in July of 2007.

Original Gravity 11.2
Final Gravity 2.5
Bittering Units 21
Lovibond Scale 8
Alcohol by Volume 4.55%
Grains Pale, honey, dextrin malts
Hops High alpha bittering hops, no aroma
Flavor Profile Slightly sweet/chrisp/floral
Aroma Touch of honey
Ideal Serving Temperature 45 degrees F
Ideal Carbonation Level 2.7 Volumes

Deep South Pale Ale

Deep South Pale Ale is Lazy Magnolia's Pale Ale, a crisp and clean beer with the perfect balance of hops and malt. Its body and clean finish are ideally suited for all seasons, and the brew is moderately hopped for a great aroma and impressive finish. Deep South Pale Ale doesn't fit into any category of Pale Ale, it's a style we made up!

The Story

Deep South Pale Ale, formerly know as Reb Ale, was Lazy Magnolia's first recipe designed to accommodate one, specific location. It was brewed in recognition of the overwhelming support of the Oxford, Mississippi market, home to the University of Mississippi. Oxford is a special place, deeply rooted in history and a vibrant center for the arts and Southern culture. Because of our consistent growth into new distribution areas, we had to change the name to accommodate our expanding. The label may not say Reb Ale anymore, however, we rebelled against style standards to come up with our own Deep South Pale Ale to make a beer for the rebel in all of us.

Original Gravity
Final Gravity 2.5
Bittering Units 27
Lovibond Scale 8
Alcohol by Volume 5.21%
Grains Pilsner, wheat, caramel
Hops Varies by batch
Flavor Profile Crisp maltiness with medium hoppy finish
Aroma citrus, fruity and hoppy
Ideal Serving Temperature 42 degrees F
Ideal Carbonation Level 2.7 Volumes

Jefferson Stout

Jefferson Stout, Lazy Magnolia's original Sweet Potato Cream Stout, is Lazy Magnolia's version of the ideal Southern-Style Stout. Jefferson Stout is brewed with sweet potatoes and lactose (milk sugar). The sweet potatoes provide the background to an impressive taste with added notes of roasted chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors.

The Story

The story of the Jefferson Stout recipe highlights Lazy Magnolia's focus on the company motto ("We don't tell people what to like, we give them great choices."), as well as the practice of listening to our customers. Specifically, the idea for this recipe came from a good friend of Lazy Magnolia, Chef Steve D'Angelo. As the former Owner /Chef at Bay City Grill in Bay St. Louis and early supporter of Lazy Magnolia, Chef Steve is credited with this creative recipe. We don't tell people what to like, we just give them great choices!

Original Gravity 14
Final Gravity 5
Bittering Units 22
Lovibond Scale 25
Alcohol by Volume 4.65%
Grains Munich, caramel, barley, chocolate
Hops High alpha bittering. No aroma hops
Flavor Profile chocolate, coffee, creamy
Aroma dark caramel, coffee
Ideal Serving Temperature 55 degrees F
Ideal Carbonation Level 2.5 Volumes

Indian Summer

Indian Summer is a light profile American-style wheat ale spiced with Orange Peel and Coriander. Our recipe uses a mix of wheat and pale barley. This beer is very lightly hopped to allow the spices to shine through. Clean fermenting yeast produce a very dry, crisp base to further accentuate the spices. The aroma has a distinct citrus note without being overly fruity.

The Story

Indian Summer was first introduced as a seasonal offering. Due to its popularity and brisk sales in available markets, the Lazy Magnolia team decided to make this recipe year-round. It has quickly gained a loyal following and serves as a great introductory beer to the world of craft brewing. We don\'t tell people what to like, we just give them great choices!

Original Gravity 12
Final Gravity 3
Bittering Units 16
Lovibond Scale 5
Alcohol by Volume 4.68%
Grains Pale barley & white wheat
Hops High Alpha Bittering, no aroma
Flavor Profile Light, crisp, hint of fruit
Aroma Citrus and spicy--coriander
Ideal Serving Temperature 42 degrees F
Ideal Carbonation Level 2.8 Volumes

Southern Hops'pitality

Southern Hopsípitality is our offering of delicious cheer to Lazy Magnoliaís loyal fans all over the Southeast. A traditional IPA at its core, we have built Southern complexity into this new brew. The aroma is a bold citrus burst on the front end with hints of tropical fruits such as grapefruit, orange and mango in the finish. Lazy Magnoliaís brewers used a unique hop blend for an exciting dry-hoped aroma. Southern Hopsípitality has a Light Straw color and crisp, smooth finish on the palate. With an alcohol content right at the 6% ABV limit and a very hoppy 60 IBUs, Southern Hopsípitality is breaking new ground for Lazy Magnolia and the Magnolia State.

The Story

Coming soon...

Original Gravity 14
Final Gravity 2.6
Bittering Units 60
Lovibond Scale 7
Alcohol by Volume 6%
Grains 2row, Carapils, and 40L
Hops Nugget, Centennial, and dry hopped with Zythos
Flavor Profile Citrus, Grapefruit, Tropical fruit, and pine
Aroma Citrus, Pine
Ideal Serving Temperature 42
Ideal Carbonation Level 2.7
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